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Civil Defence sums up all measures to protect the population and public life in the event of a crisis. However the definition of this term varies from country to country.

For example: In Germany Civil Defence is understood  to mean all non-military measures in case of defence or tensions, which support the population in general and maintain the public infrastructure.

A contemporary education and training, as well as modern technical equipment form the basis to motivate well-educated and experienced forces, so that they act safely, protect and rescue. Our partners in the field of fire brigade training consist of experienced and professional trainers and they offer specialist seminars in all areas of fire protection and immediate measures. The training courses are structured in order to teach quality expertise – based on the international training regulations for fire and emergency training and emergency medicine. These training courses will be created according to the individual needs of the client.                                                                                                                                    

Rescue Technology
When it comes to saving human lives, every second counts. A dependable rescue technology is therefore of valuable significance. We gladly advise you and provide you with high-quality resources like rescue helicopters, ambulances, or special location services at the highest technical level.

Further Examples for Rescue Technology

  • Safety Cushions
  • Multipurpose Tents
  • Lifting Cushions
  • Tanks for Dangerous Goods

Service at Demonstrations
Demonstrations and manifestations place a special challenge, because a large crowd of people can very easily get out of control. We train enclosed police units and the coming executives and advise in tactical procedures and operations. Additionally we provide consulting services of police command and resources as well as consultations of technical equipment.