Sicherheit und Schutz

Personal Security and EscortFactory and Object Protection
Personal Security and Escort
With many years of Experience, we are able to advise you efficiently in the field of protection and averting of danger to persons, relatives or other groups of people, who are particularly at risk. With our competent and well trained staff, we guarantee a high factor of safety without attacking your privacy.

In the past, our experts were almost exclusively responsible for the safety of heads of states, important government representatives and government members.

With the help of our security concepts, our staff can perform appropriate and professional personal protection and escort. While performing personal protection we ensure constant surveillance of the protected person in public.

Our bodyguards act unobtrusively, discreetly and have the necessary know-how, experience and technical equipment. 

Factory and Object Protection
We are devoting ourselves to the special protection of objects. That applies to the protection and averting of danger for technical facilities, power plants, ministries, public institutions and establishments of any kind. We advise you not only how security for those objects will be ensured, but also with regarding government requirements at international level.

Especially the constantly growing air traffic, places high demands to airport security in terms of qualification, training and the use of technical devices by security services. Our operations-advice helps with detailed protection concepts of authorities, operators and airlines for trouble-free air traffic as well as profiling and prevention.

We offer full security consultation and support for airport planning, airport building, modernization and last but not least air traffic. For this matter we recommend service provider of this sector and carry out controls on behalf of our clients. We accompany you in the negotiations and give advice for conclusions of contracts.