Polizeiliche Ausbildung

Education and TrainingFurther Training
Education and Training
Well trained employees are the backbone for every successful company. When it comes to security, an excellent training is very important, not only to avoid danger for objects and ideal values, but especially to protect life and limb. Our competencies consist of former action forces of the best German special units.

On request we train security agents to work in the public or private sector. Depending on the requirement profile, the trainings range from conventional security agents for the protection of objects and values to the fully trained Member of a special unit to operate in crisis or high risk areas.

Further Training

You can never learn enough about SECURITY!  Nearly all of our contractors are former members of military and police special units with extensive practical experience. In their respective field, they go through a constant process of education and further training. Thereby developed training concepts are also available to our clients – or we adapt the individual requirements on those concepts.

In the last years, our partners have developed and implemented company-specific seminars in the field of security- and quality management. We place particular emphasis to the international point of view, as we are thinking globally across the European boarder.

To operate in the security sector worldwide, it is indispensable to stay up-to-date. This applies to technology and equipment, but most of all to special knowledge and skills. Regardless of the field, we advise and support you!