ConsultingRisk ManagementShip HardeningCrisis Management
Take advantage of our personal resources for creating security concepts and to accompany and control the implementations of these concepts. Our specialists have the necessary specialist qualifications (PFSO, CSO, SSO, DPA, STCW) and because of their close contact to authorities, offices and organisations, they are always up-to-date regarding laws and standards.

The German Protective Consulting AG supports you across all areas, protection of your ships, its crews, passengers, cargo and infrastructure. Profit from the experience, skills and competencies of our experts in the field of maritime security.

Risk Management
With help of specialists in high-risk areas and close contact to insurance experts, we develop security concepts or analyse and check at your request existing organisation systems ashore and at sea. Before and during the passing of high-risk areas we advise you with route planning and inform you about the current security situation in the destination area.

Ship Hardening
Our mission-experienced specialists provide you with information how and where a protection area should be installed, so that it won’t be discovered, and in case of discovery offers the highest possible value of resistance.

We support you with the setup of protection areas by installing technical protective elements, GPS based location detection technology and satellite communication. Of course we also ensure the outside security of your ships by implementing structural safety measures in accordance with Best Management Practices, while steadily striving to match the ISM-guidelines.

Crisis Management
We support your crisis team with ransom negotiations, handing over ransom and take care of a safe and fast recovery of your crew. 

Guards / personal guards
The service of our armed protection teams is not limited on accompanying of your ships through the high-risk area, but consists of the implementation of structural and organizational security measures before the passage, as well as ISPS tasks during idle periods.

Training                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Complementary to table-top exercises with your crisis team, we give your crew confidence in their actions and sustainability by training behaviour in terms of recognizing, reacting or defending   pirate-attacks or the taking of hostages adequately.