Modern Mission Control CentresIT – Security ConceptsComputer Equipment &Systems
Modern Mission Control Centres
Modern Mission Control Centres take care of a fast and comprehensive exchange of information. These control centres should be fitted individually to the needs of the client. We help you with sourcing the control centre and with the right use of equipment. Additionally we provide assistance with the search for the right location.
IT – Security Concepts
In today’s information society IT-security is a challenge for every Organisation. This field is characterized by a fast technological development and a complex variety of topics. Moreover, national and international laws, regulations and guidelines require specific securities of data and infra- structure. In order for companies to choose and evaluate necessary and sensible security measures, it is crucial to know the dangers lurking in the internet. Because, the risks for your IT and your company are diverse. Our experts know exactly, what matters when implementing IT-security solutions in the environment of sovereign documents such as electronic passports or a new ID card.

We advise you in various fields including:

  • Authentication
  • Safe Internet Usage
  • Client and Platform Security
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Public Key Infrastructure and Cryptography
  • Biometric and Sovereign Documents
  • Secure Web Solutions
  • Security Validation
Computer Equipment &Systems
We support you with different procurement strategies and give advice regarding suppliers and manufacturers so that you will be fully equipped with the most innovative IT-technology. Using our knowledge of the Market we take over purchasing negotiations in different areas, to ensure time and cost reductions.