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On Land
Our scope of services includes in particular ensuring border control with the help of our experience. That means, our well-known and experienced partners in the field of border security take care of the repulsion of danger around the border, which could affect the public security. Additionally we help you with the prevention of illegal immigration in national territories. For that matter, controls depending on the situation are essential prevention measures. Contact us; we would be pleased to advise you about further measures.
At Sea
Extensive sea-borders are nowadays monitored with ships fitted for high-sea, control and patrol boats plus helicopters and aircraft. Within our application consultation we explain what the specific requirements are.
In the Air
Large international airports require a particularly high level of security to provide Safety for millions of passengers on their journey. Aerial security is a special aspect of aviation security, which deals with the repulsion of attacks on air traffic. Currently, ways to optimize the detection possibilities for explosives and other so-called illegal objects are worked on worldwide. The further development of existing technology also serves to speed up control-processes and to raise the level of security.

Our competency team provides an overview of the requirements and measures to improve flight safety. Furthermore we support you with technical knowledge to comply with required regulations.